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A Few Short Health Tips

Posted on October 11 2012

A few short health takes
Here is the latest Health and Fitness section from the Business Digest. There are some good ideas to use as Summer begins.

* People who skip breakfast are 350% more likely to be obese. Eat some protein within an hour of rising.
---I have read a lot about protein and how much I should eat. Basically what I have found, is that I'm not eating enough of it. Whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight, your diet needs to start with protein. Most people are not trying to be professional weight lifters but even a little bit of muscle goes a long way for shedding pounds and toning up.------------

* It's nearly impossible to eat too much of food that grows on a tree/bush/vine.
----Grapes grow on vines, right? Bring on the wine!!! Even sugary fruits like melons and bananas should be eaten more often than other snack foods. The fiber will keep you full and the vitamins and such will keep you healthy. Go for fruits and veggies that contain a lot water, like celery, tomatoes and grapes.---

* A few small coffee servings throughout the day keep you more awake and focused than a single jumbo one.
----The more coffee throughout the day the better as far as I'm concerned. Although from what I hear tea is much better for you. Green especially but black is also very good for you as opposed to herbal tea.----

* Ketchup gets a bad rap: A tablespoon packs just 15 calories; most brands no longer use high-fructose corn syrup.
----Ketchup is a staple for the summertime. Lycopene, which is found in ketchup, is an antioxidant that protects your body's cells from free radical change. Also, according to the American Cancer Society, it may help promote healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of certain cancers.-----

*Eating junk food regularly raises your chance of being depressed 60%.
---I'll have to take their word for it on this one. I have consumed a lot of junk food in my life and I have rarely been depressed. Although, I do feel like a moron after I down a bag of combos. I am usually hungry, all the time. What I do now is eat sunflower seeds. When I'm driving, riding my bike, walking the dog; I eat seeds which I find really helps me from eating other kinds of snacks.-----

*Diet soda isn't better: 3 cans/day doubles your obesity risk.
---I think there is enough evidence out there now that we know soda is not good for you. Sometimes, though, I just need a carbonated beverage. Ginger Ale when my stomach hurts, Coke when I have a headache, root beer when I really need a good root beer. I think the idea is to drink it rarely enough that you can splurge and have a real non-diet soda.-----

Men's Health

Thanks for reading!

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